1Stay awhile and listen!

When Diablo 3 was originally released over six years ago, it was a very different game to what it is now.

Don’t get us wrong, we still loved it, but now it is so much better that it’s unreal. Nephalem Rifts, Paragon Levels, Bounties, the Necromancer; over the years there have been countless additions and tweaks to make the game more fun to play, especially once you’ve reached its end-game. Now though, we’re ready for Diablo 4.

It hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re sure Diablo 4 is going to happen. It just has to. And during the hundreds of hours we’ve spent with Diablo 3, we’ve developed some pretty solid ideas of what we’d like and not like to see in its follow-up.

So, read on to find out what we want in Diablo 4.