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13 Tips For Getting Started in Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade 4-min

If you’re after some rollicking good co-op fun, the Strange Brigade is eager to please.

With so many of the dangerously deceased after your blood, however, it might be wise to pay heed to the advice of those who have already battled Seteki’s horrible hordes and emerged victorious. They’ve no doubt had to complete their fair share of brain-teasing puzzles too.

So, if you’re joining the Strange Brigade on one of their perilous expeditions, take note of the tantalising tips below and things should go rather swimmingly. Tally ho!

1Explore Everywhere

While you can blast through each one of Strange Brigade‘s levels if you wish, you’ll be missing out on gold and other collectables that can ultimately make the game more manageable and fun. Our advice is to explore everywhere; search every nook and cranny for gold and secrets, and work with your team to solve puzzles. You’ll be thankful for doing so when you’ve got a great weapon equipped with powerful runes.

2Equip Runes on Your Weapons

There are many weapons to unlock in Strange Brigade. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, but more interestingly, you can equip them with runes to make them your own.

While you probably won’t discover an abundance of runes while playing, don’t be shy about using them. The effects they contain include increasing your firepower, freezing enemies, and even restoring your health with each kill. Suffice to say, rune powers can really help turn the tide of a hard-fought battle.

3Have Archimedes in Your Group to Maximise Loot

Each character in the Strange Brigade has their own perks, and while most of them simply give their owners a little more survivability in some form or another, one of Archimedes’ perks is all about treasure.

Playing as Archimedes, it pays to explore as you can sometimes stumble upon hidden doors that only he can open. Hidden behind them is usually a chest full of gold, but sometimes there’ll be runes or books, too. So, while he’s not the most powerful of the Strange Brigade, it pays to be Archimedes.


Teamwork makes the dream work; or that’s what they say, anyway.

The truth is, it does actually pay to work as a team in Strange Brigade. Activating traps without telling other members of your team that you’re doing so can be very perilous, and there’s often no point in multiple players using their amulet skills at once. Communicate with each other, tell other players what’s happening. Sometimes, you might even need to work together to take down epic foes, using one or more players to draw their attention while others shoot them from behind. While you can play it by yourself, Strange Brigade is a co-op shooter at heart.

5Use Your Amulet Powers

Your amulet powers are like special moves, and as such, they can be rather powerful when used correctly.

There are multiple amulet powers available for each character, but to unlock many of them you need to collect skill points. Some amulet powers release a powerful attack, decimating multiple onscreen opponents. Others have more humorous effects, like turning enemies into chickens. Suffice to say, in the middle of a heated fight, they can be handy.

To power up the amulet you need to collect the souls of enemies you’ve defeated. It occurs naturally when you get near to them, but if you want to draw them from afar, simply hold the right trigger without a weapon drawn and you’ll suck them in. Sometimes, if you manage to draw in enough souls, you can even perform an amulet power combo.

6Use the Dodge Roll

The dodge roll is your friend. Enemies will often come at you from all sides in Strange Brigade, and it’s obviously not ideal getting surrounded. If you think you’re in imminent danger, look for an opening and move to an empty space. The dodge roll helps a great deal when doing so. You’ll also need to make good use of the dodge roll to avoid certain enemy attacks, like the champion’s charge. Just make sure you don’t roll into a trap, eh?

7Find What Weapons Work for You

Ranging from pistols to semi-automatic rifles, each of Strange Brigade‘s weapons has its uses. While savvy players will eventually unlock them all and perhaps switch between them at trunks throughout a level, it pays to find one that best suits your playstyle and make it your main. If you’re keen on holding back and sniping, for instance, you’re probably best off with something like the Lee-Enfield, while those who like to get up-close and personal will be better off with any one of the game’s shotguns. Find which weapons work for you and then further tailor them to your preferences with runes. It’ll pay dividends.

8Explosives are Your Friend

Don’t forget about your explosives. There are multiple types on offer, including sticky grenades, landmines and even decoys, and you never run out of them. Each explosive type simply has its own cooldown timer, meaning that you can’t be cheap and repeatedly use them. It’ll be about 30 seconds before you can throw another grenade after using one, with other explosives taking a little while longer. In any case, don’t forget about them, because they’re great for taking down groups of enemies in one go.

9Utilise Traps

Most areas in Strange Brigade have a trap or two that you can make use of to cut down enemies quickly, and to activate them, you simply need to shoot the glowing orbs that are on or near them. Traps range from spinning blades to jets of fire, and making use of them is the key to success, especially on harder difficulties. After many uses traps eventually become inactive, but they should have served their purpose by then. Just make sure you let your team mates know when you’re going to activate trap though; you don’t want to end up killing them by accident, do you?

10Survey Areas Before Battle

While there are many enemies roaming Strange Brigade‘s levels, some of the game’s bigger battles won’t begin until all players have interacted with a giant blue crystal. Needless to say, when you enter an open area with a giant blue crystal in the centre of it, explore it first. Memorise where ammo packs are, what traps are available, and the locations of any sarcophagi where players will be trapped if they die. It might just make the difference between failure and success.

11Listen Out for Cats

There are many collectables in Strange Brigade. You’ll find books and letters in chests, and also just lying around as you explore levels. Jars, on the other hand, will usually be on ledges, far in the distance. The third and final of Strange Brigade‘s collectables almost want you to find them though, even going so far as makin a noise when you’re near them.

As you make your way through each of Strange Brigade‘s levels, listen out for a cat’s meow. When you hear one, it means there’s a blue cat statue very close by. Find and shoot all six in a level and you’ll gain access to a treasure vault full of a gold and a golden cat statue, making your efforts worthwhile.

12Use Choke Points

Quite often in Strange Brigade you’ll be fighting gigantic hordes of enemies. Many of them will be undead, and due to their lack of intelligence they’ll just walk towards you. To make things easier for yourself, try to discover choke points in the environments, like small archways. The enemies with all form up to squeeze through the gap, allowing you to mow them down with your weapons, or make use of amulet powers or explosives to destroy many at once. Make sure you’ve got somewhere to escape too if they do manage to break through though.

13Shoot the Treasure Demons!

Okay, so we’re not sure if they are actually demons, they’re probably just sprightly mummies really. Nevertheless, if you hear a jingly sound, look out for a some undead monstrosity running away with a backpack full of treasure. Chase them and shoot them down to collect some gold and also pick up a relic.

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