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Ape Facts From Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Zee With Prime Mates Podcast

Ape facts from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Zee, with Prime Mates Podcast

Every week I recommend a podcast to all the GameSpew readers. This week, I’m recommending the ape-based Prime Mates, from Matt Stewart, stand-up comedian turned podcast star.

Want to know the stories behind the most important primates in popular culture? Then look no further than Prime Mates! Matt Stewart is a laid-back host who invites a host of podcast and comedy stars to chat through some of the world’s most interesting chimps.

Podcast of the Week: Prime Mates

What is it? An entertainment podcast that has Matt and guests talk about famous primates
Where can I listen? They are searchable in most podcast apps or the recordings are listed here
Who does it star? Matt Stewart and many hilarious guests
Where can I find out more? Their Planet Broadcasting page

Episodes vary from talking about Marcel the Monkey from Friends to The Planet of the Apes musical in The Simpsons – and even as far as Bollo from The Mighty Boosh. Every episode functions as a funny chat-turned-report about these peculiar primates, whether they are real or not.

What makes the episodes worthwhile is Matt’s easy to like, calm personality that invites comedy from his guests. I like the homely feel of the chat which is nice to listen to while doing mundane chores. In fact, I’m listening to the George of the Jungle episode as I type.

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