51Best Couch Co-op Games on Nintendo Switch

There’s nothing finer than enjoying a good game with your friends and family by your side, and if you own an Nintendo Switch, it couldn’t be any easier.

Thanks to the revolution of the Joy-Con, you can enjoy playing games in co-op without even needing to buy a second controller. Nifty, eh? If you plan to play couch co-op games on Switch quite often though, we would recommend picking up another pad at some point – unless you’ve child-sized hands, the Joy-Cons aren’t very comfortable for long stretches of time.

Still, it’s a fantastic feature that makes the Switch the perfect console to indulge in a bit of local co-op (or competition, if you prefer!) Here’s our pick of the best couch co-op games currently available on Switch.

Just don’t get too competitive now, you hear? Those Joy-Cons aren’t cheap to replace, so don’t go launching them across the room!