Blizzard: “We Have Multiple Diablo Projects in the Works”

Diablo Darkening of Tristram

In a new video shared across multiple Diablo social media channels, Blizzard has confirmed that is has numerous Diablo projects in the works.

Opening with the news that Diablo 3 will receive more themed seasons going forward, Associate Community Manager Brandy Camel revealed that more than one Diablo project is currently being worked on. Blizzard isn’t quite ready to talk about them yet though, but it might have some things to show us later this year.

It goes without saying that some of the projects will take longer than others, Brandy Camel even says so, but we’re excited to see what Blizzard has got in store for us. Will one of them be the long rumoured Diablo 2 remaster? Will another be Diablo 4? We really hope so. Until they’re officially announced though, we’ll remain on tenterhooks.

One things is for sure, Diablo isn’t going to disappear despite Blizzard’s runaway success with titles like Overwatch, and we’re very happy about that. Diablo is in Blizzard’s DNA, and some of us have been huge fans since the very first Diablo launched more than 20 years ago. Long live Diablo, we say.

Want to see what Brandy Camel has to say? Check out the video yourself below.