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Broadcasts from the Greek Underworld: Radio Hades 6

Every week I recommend a podcast to all the GameSpew readers. This week its story time as our host has found himself dead but not buried.

Instead, Jack Hermes is down amongst the Greek underworld and live reporting on all the events Gods and monsters can create. The podcast is Radio Hades 6, a fictional radio station that reports the latest news from deep down in the Underworld.

Podcast of the Week: Radio Hades 6

What is it? A set of fictional radio reports from the best underworld radio station.
Where can I listen? Episodes are searchable in most podcast apps, or their recordings are listed here.
Who does it star? Jack Hermes of course!
Where can I find out more? Your best bet is Twitter.


Ever turned up – or should I say down – in the Greek Underworld? Well, it’s a truly disorientating experience – especially for the news host of Radio Hades 6 whose new job is reporting on all the mischief Gods, demigods and their spawn can create.

The podcast is essentially a series of short and sweet 10-minute updates from Jack Hermes about the latest crazy happening around Mount Olympus. The host does a great job of creating funny and imaginative Greek stories and telling them in a way that is totally unique for this ancient myth genre.

It’s a shame there are only ten episodes of Radio Hades 6, with the last being over a year ago. But it’s something different for sure, and if you enjoy Greek mythology with a sense of humour, then it’s well worth a listen.

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