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Five Reasons to Replay The Witcher 3

What makes The Witcher 3 so wonderful?

As anticipation grows for CD Projekt Red’s futuristic Cyberpunk 2077, I travelled back to the world of The Witcher 3.

To me, The Witcher 3 is the greatest game of all time. Like an item crafted by an expert dwarf (or their wife), The Witcher 3 takes so many brilliant elements and binds them all together to create something special. A game that I believe everyone should play and complete.

But, to be more honest than Dandelion, I have to admit that during my first playthrough, I never actually completed The Witcher 3. I left Geralt abandoned in a never-ending fight, all because I found the difficulty curve too intense, and the sheer amount of quests overwhelming.

A few years later, after having read and loved Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantastic Witcher books, I decided to travel back to The Witcher 3 (but not through portals, as Geralt doesn’t like portals) and play on the lowest difficulty mode. Yes, I know some will see that as a bigger crime than stealing the purse in a game of Gwent, but it gave me the chance to explore the wonderful world without stress, and enjoy everything that The Witcher 3 has to offer.

I highly recommend everyone to do the same. Read on to find five reasons to enjoy The Witcher 3 once more…

The continually compelling main quest

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The main plot of The Witcher 3 can sometimes be overlooked due to the brilliance, and amount, of secondary quests. Yet the main story arc is a captivating tale of heroes, villains, sorceresses, royalty, war, and relationships.

Through flashbacks it perfectly shows the bond between Geralt and Ciri, and how special she is to him. It sets up Geralt’s drive to find find and protect Ciri, and with each appearance Ciri grows front of his, and our, eyes.

The array of awesome characters

Of course, the story would be nothing without well-written characters. CD Projekt Red delivers this tenfold. To name only a few, Dandelion is pompous but endearing, Triss is fiery yet heartfelt, and Yennefer is defiant though still charming.

Each has their own characteristics, and most importantly: they feel real. They have backstories and motives; morales and feelings. The biggest compliment I can pay to the characters of The Witcher 3 is that they feel like they’ve come alive from the pages of Sapkowski’s books.

The secondary quests that turn out to be huge rabbit holes

The Witcher 3 includes an enormous amount of secondary quests. Probably that many are needed to showcase so many characters! Just like the supporting cast, the secondary quests add so much depth to The Witcher 3.

Whether it’s hunting a monster that’s been killing village folk, saving Dandelion from another scrap, or acting in a play to draw out a shapeshifter (after all – the play’s the thing wherein he’ll catch the shapeshifting thing), the diversity in each quest is incredible. Each feels like one of Sapkowski’s original Witcher short stories, and are so much more than just ways to get experience points and money.

The endless environment

I would argue that an open world game should be judged on how fun it is to traverse. With settings getting bigger and bigger, fast travel usually becomes the best option. But with The Witcher 3, that takes away from one of the best elements: discovery. Each question mark on the map provides a valid reason to explore, offering new quests or secret treasure.

But even following the road can bring surprises, with bandit camps being a very welcome addition. Bandits hide great loot, and sometimes even have high level armour and weapons. Plus there’s few things better than showing off Geralt’s combat skills against a group of bandits. The Witcher 3’s map may be huge, but it’s also full.

Anybody want to play a game? Gwent, specifically.

In a game that packs so much into it, who would have thought that a card game would almost steal the show? Well, like a Priscilla performance in a Novigrad inn, Gwent took my attention away from more pressing matters. It’s a simple game that’s hard to master, even more so with the ability to collect more rare and powerful cards. Pretty much every supporting character and self-respecting shopkeep plays Gwent, meaning it’s impossible to ignore. The High Stakes quest is one of the best side activities in The Witcher 3, and it should be the goal for all who step foot into Geralt’s boots.

More Witcher 3

If you didn’t quite get into The Witcher 3 on your first play through: give it another try. And if you are an experienced witcher: create a new game and experience The Witcher 3 all over again. If the casting scripts for the part of Yennefer in the upcoming Netflix series are anything to go by, the Witcher franchise has a lot of potential in the future. But, for now, follow the road to The Witcher 3 once more and experience everything it has to offer.

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