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GameSpew is Looking For New Writers!

We’re looking to add two new writers to our talented team! If you’re interested, read the full details below, and get in touch.

Writing for GameSpew

At GameSpew, we love a wide variety of video games and we aren’t afraid to try something new. We’re just as excited to try a random indie game as we are the newest game from Naughty Dog. We’ve all been gaming for years, and we have a wide knowledge of many different types of genres.

We all own multiple gaming formats, and play them all regularly. We review a lot of games, but we’re just as keen to write about the funny or interesting things that have happened to us while playing. More importantly, we like to have fun, and so we like to highlight the lighter side of gaming. We’ll happily write about how cool Diablo 3’s Vault is, the time we got run over on Mars, or how amazing it is that our DS Lite still has charge after several years.

We’re also not afraid to go into more detail. Along with regularly reviewing games on a variety of formats, we post plenty of longer, in-depth articles. We write about product placement in games, why a forgotten game from our childhood was so special, a deep dive into one of our favourite franchises, and an in-depth analysis on a newly-announced game, just to name a few.

But that’s all just only scratching the surface of what we’re about. We review hundreds of games a year, more than most other websites, with a healthy balance of AAA and indie. (Our reviews are also featured on Metacritic.) We write daily news articles about the stories that interest us most. We also have a strong focus on writing researched lists of curated games, and if all that isn’t enough, we’ll also note down regular ‘how to’ guides for the games that you play.

Does this sound like something you could see yourself being a part of? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Our ideal team member

We’re looking for someone who can commit to writing at least two or three articles a week of varying types. Our ideal team member is someone who plays a lot of games across a wide variety of genres and has a lot of thoughts to share about them. We want someone who can pitch in with all article types, who can cover a wide range of games and isn’t afraid to try something a little different.

We pride ourself on quality, so excellent written skills are important. You don’t need to have written for an outlet before, as long as you can evidence your talent.

A keenness to write about other topics outside of games is also beneficial. Alongside writing about games, we are also home to ‘Geekspew’, our portal that’s dedicated to everything geeky. There’s an opportunity to regularly write about film, TV, comics and geek culture, if it interests you.


  • Excellent written English. Grammar police are especially welcome!
  • Own more than one current gaming system. Owning a gaming PC and/or Xbox One is particularly beneficial as these are the formats we receive most review codes for.
  • Able to adhere to embargos and meet deadlines.
  • A strong knowledge of video games and the industry.
  • Able to work independently and generate frequent article ideas unprompted.


  • Get paid for your work on a per-view basis.
  • Work directly with experienced editors who will offer feedback on your work and offer support and advice to help you improve your craft.
  • Be part of a small but close-knit team who regularly talk nonsense in Slack!
  • You’ll have access to a lot of games.
  • The freedom to write about the topics and games that you want to.

If you’d like to apply, please send an email to hello [at] gamespew [dot] com and convince us that you’ll be a good fit for our team.