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Get Acquainted With Shenmue’s Characters With This New Video

Never played Shenmue I or II? Looking forward to playing them later this month on PS4, Xbox One or PC? Better watch this video.

Ahead of the game’s release on 21st August, a series of videos exploring the world of Shenmue are being made available. Last week, it was the story of Ryo’s quest to avenge his father that was detailed. This week, it’s a video delving into the characters of Shenmue.

Presented by Cory Marshall, the English voice-actor of Ryo Hazuki, it’s essential viewing for those looking forward to jump into the games later this month. It’ll quickly let you know who’s a friend or foe in the world, as well as maybe give you some ideas as to how to spend your spare time.

You can give the new Shenmue 101 video a watch below. And remember, if you haven’t already preordered Shenmue I & II, you can save 10% by doing so digitally on Steam, Xbox Marketplace or PSN. Or, why not preorder a physical copy from Amazon?

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