Housemarque Show Off Stormdivers, Its Upcoming Battle Royale

After announcing its move away from arcade shooters, Housemarque’s next game, Stormdivers, is a battle royale title. Today, the first trailer for it has been revealed.

Here at GameSpew, we’ve absolutely loved pretty much every game Housemarque has put out. Alienation got a coveted 10/10. Nex Machina wasn’t far behind, either. So when the studio announced last year that “arcade is dead”, and it would be moving onto new things, we were devastated. No other studio to make arcade shooters is yet to come close to Housemarque. Alas, they are a thing of the past.

From the trailer, Stormdivers looks pretty nice. There’s a mixture of gameplay footage and cutscenes, but it gives the impression of being pretty polished. I’d expect nothing less from Housemarque, really. But I’m still concerned about yet another battle royale game entering the fray.


With Fortnite absolutely dominating the genre, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds not far behind, is there much room for anything new? Other titles have already come and failed to get a foothold.

Here’s Stormdivers‘ trailer. Give it a watch and make your mind up for yourself. I’ll certainly be watching it with more interest than I have in most battle royale titles, but I’m still sad not to be getting anymore signature Housemarque arcade action.

There’s no release date yet for Stormdivers, but you can register for an open beta on the official website.