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How to Annoy the Narrator in Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade 3-min
Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade has an achievement that unlocks when you annoy the narrator. It sounds a little strange, but it’s actually one of the game’s easiest trophies to unlock.

Out now, Rebellion’s latest title is an over-the-top shooter set in the 1930s. It sees you play as the titular Strange Brigade, on a mission to uncover the long-forgotten secrets of ancient Egypt. It’s a hell of a lot of fun.

If you’re a completionist, you’ll no doubt want to find as much as you can and unlock as many achievements or trophies as you can. And one achievement, titled “One Simply Doesn’t Rush These Things”, has a description of “annoy the narrator”.

You’ll probably notice that Strange Brigade‘s amusing narrator will comment on your actions as you play. If you pause, you’ll get a “ah, taking a break are we?”. If you discover a secret or a puzzle in the game, he’ll probably have something to say about that, too. And if you stand still and don’t press any buttons, he’ll¬†definitely¬†have something to say. But how do you annoy him?

It’s simple: to annoy Strange Brigade‘s narrator, you just have to stand still for a while.

When you stop moving your character, the narrator will go through a few different lines of dialogue. “There’s a pause button, you know,” he’ll say, followed by a “Helloooooo? Strange Brigade?” After a few attempts to get you to respond, he’ll eventually give up – and he’ll be annoyed.

The trophy/achievement doesn’t pop up straight away though: it will only pop once you start moving again. Standing still for about a minute is enough to get it.

For more on Strange Brigade, be sure to read our review. We’ll have more tips and guides to come in the next few days!

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