Nintendo Announces 15 New Indie Games Coming to Switch

Moonlighter 5-min

All hail the Nintendo Switch, the crowning champion of indie games.

Indie games might not start out on Switch, but you can bet your bottom dollar that any game worth its salt will make its way to the platform eventually.

Today, Nintendo released a 20-minute Indie Showcase video, revealing 15 more new games that are making their way to the platform in the next few months.

Some games are out as soon as today, including Bad North, a strategy game about protecting an island from invasion, Prison Architect and Morphie’s Law, a Mexican-themed multiplayer shooter.

Others will trickle out between now and early 2019. There are some brand new games in the line up, like Baba is You, a funky-looking logic puzzle game, and some titles already well-cemented in the indie hall of fame, like This War of Mine and Moonlighter.

Watch the full video, made up of trailers for each announcement, below.

If you just want the highlights of the highlights, here’s a run down of every game announced and its release date:

  • Bad North, out now
  • Prison Architect, out now
  • Morphie’s Law, available from 6pm BST today
  • The Gardens Between, 20th September
  • Windjammers, 23rd October
  • Moonlighter, autumn 2018
  • Baba is You, autumn 2018
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, 6th November
  • This War of Mine, November
  • Streets of Rogue, winter 2018
  • Night Call, early 2019
  • Slay the Spire, early 2019
  • Children of Morta, early 2019
  • Terraria, 2019
  • Windjammers 2, 2019