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Okami 2

Okami HD is Out on Switch Today, and You Should Buy it

It may be a game originally made for the PS2, but Okami has aged very well.

Remastered for PS4, Xbox One and PC last year, it’s now Switch owners who are being given the chance to play this classic, and it’s likely to be the best way to do so.

An adventure game in which you take control of a god assuming the form of a white wolf, Okami HD demands you to make use of your Celestial Brush. By drawing symbols in the environment, it allows you to perform a number of great feats, like changing the time of day. And you can also use it to slice your enemies in two, which is very handy.

Married with traditional Zelda-like adventuring, Okami HD‘s Celestial Brush feature makes for an engrossing game that feels very unique. This isn’t the type of game you’re going to complete in one weekend; this is the type of game you’re going to get absorbed in, and, despite its length, you’ll never want it to end.

What makes Okami HD best played on Switch though, is the fact that you can use the touchscreen in handheld mode, or motion controls when in docked mode to draw with the Celestial Brush. You no longer need to fiddle awkwardly with an analogue stick like you do in the PS4, Xbox One versions. And it really is a game-changer.

It’s simple then; if you haven’t played Okami before, or if you’re wishing to relive the adventure in the best way possible, the Switch version is the way to go. Okami HD on Switch is pretty much perfect. But you don’t have to take my word for it – check out its awesome scores on Metacritic.

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