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Our 10 Favourite Yakuza 0 Side Activities

A Little Bit on the Side

After coming to PS4 earlier in the year, Yakuza 0 is now available on PC, and if you haven’t already discovered by reading our review, it’s bloody good.

While it’s got an epic story and great gameplay however, sometimes it’s best to just unwind in its world and partake in some side activities to boost your cash and have some unorthodox fun. But what should you do, you ask?

There’s almost too much to do to be honest, and it’s all thoroughly entertaining, but let us help by telling you our favourite things to do when not cracking Yakuza skulls.

Behold, Our 10 Favourite Yakuza 0 Side Activities. Enjoy!

Standing in as a TV Show Producer

Apparently, Kiryu’s overbearing presence makes him a great stand-in for a producer gone astray in one of Yakuza 0’s side missions.

You have to try and fool the eccentric director that you know what you’re doing as you’re asked to do tasks via jargon that you probably won’t comprehend. But don’t worry, rest assured things will work out fine if you make a bit of a fool out of yourself. The crew will just be happy that you’re handy with your fists in the end.

Beating Down Mr Shakedown

No one likes a bully, especially one that’s big and scary like Mr Shakedown. But hang on. You’re a badass Yakuza. Why not just beat his ass down instead?

Mr Shakedown roams the streets looking for wealthy victims to pick on. If you’re not careful it could be you, and trust me, he’s no pushover. After developing your skills however, there’s nothing finer than hunting him down and kicking his ass, gaining a huge wad of cash in the process. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch him fast asleep somewhere…

Playing Pool

There’s no better way of passing time in a smoky, dimly lit bar than playing a game of pool or two. Yakuza 0 knows this. Yakuza 0 allows you to do this.

You can choose between multiple game types and whether you play against an adversary or just for fun. If you’re feeling rich, you can event attempt some puzzle pool. Go on. Do it. How else are you going to waste that 500,000 yen burning a hole in your pocket?

Playing Outrun Again

If you’re of a certain age then you’ll remember Outrun. For gamers like myself it was the first racing game we ever played, and it was magnificent.

You can play Outrun in all its glory within Yakuza 0 by visiting certain arcades. You’ll quickly discover that it’s a hell of a lot harder than you remember though. Still, it brings back good memories, and Magical Sound Shower still rocks.

Running a Cabaret Club

Ever fancied running your own cabaret club? You’re in luck, because Yakuza 0 allows you to do so.

To make a success of things you’ll need to recruit the prettiest hostesses, expertly match them up with your punters and know just when to push your luck. The reward, aside from a weird sense of satisfaction, is cash. Loads of it.

Enjoying Some Female Wrestling

Do you like to watch scantily clad women going toe to toe in a ring? Do you like to gamble? If you answered yes to either of those questions then you’ll love Yakuza 0’s women’s wrestling racket.

After selecting your favourite lady you can lay your cash on the line as she fights to be the best, with you helping along the way via the odd game of rock, paper, scissors. You’ll feel a bit wrong by the end of it, but when you’ve just won 200 million yen you won’t really care.

Partaking in Some Karaoke

Whilst over here in the UK karaoke is primarily the pastime of the drunk or egotistical, in Japan, even normal people do it. What’s more, they even like doing it. Weirdos.

In any case, it makes great entertainment for onlookers, and sometimes those singing aren’t actually that bad to listen to. If you want to test Kiryu’s or Majima’s vocal talents, simply visit a karaoke bar and choose a song for them to tackle. The mini-game isn’t the best but it’s still hugely entertaining.

Watching Semi-Adult Videos

Back in the 80s, things were different. If you wanted to look at some “specialist” material you had to buy a magazine, or a video. You couldn’t just open up Google and have yourself a good time for free.

In Yakuza 0, Kiryu and Majima can relieve stress and help themselves to a bit of, uh, “alone time” by visiting video stores. After choosing which girl takes your fancy from the selection available, you can go into your own private cubicle to get your freak on. Oh, and don’t worry; each cubicle comes well equipped with a box of tissues. You know, just in case.

Going Bowling

Everyone likes a bit of ten-pin bowling, don’t they? Displaying one’s power and ability to curve a ball every once in a while is a must.

Bowling in Yakuza 0 is nearly as much fun as it is in real life. You get to select your ball, where you start your throw, how much spin to apply; the only thing it’s missing is powdering your hands and polishing your ball. In fact, scrub that. Bowling in Yakuza 0 is better than in real life because if you get a turkey… well…

Showing Off Some Snazzy Dance Moves

Kiryu and Majima may be Yakuza, but that doesn’t stop them from letting their hair down once in a while and doing something rather unexpected. You know; like dancing their hearts out on the dance floor.

Yakuza 0’s dancing mini-game is so much fun, largely because it’s so original and well thought out. Plus, you get to see two hard as nails protagonists throw some seriously cool moves. If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will.

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