Overwatch Launches D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge Alongside Animated Short


Overwatch player favourite D.Va is getting a lot of love this month.

Overwatch’s Summer Games is still around for another few days but Blizzard just keeps on giving. A new animated short titled ‘Shooting Star’ was revealed at Gamescom which shows D.Va successfully defending South Korea from a gwishin omnic attack. To celebrate that victory, Blizzard has launched D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge, which is active from now until September 10th.

The Nano Cola challenge is simply an add-on to your regular arcade line up. Getting up to nine wins unlocks certain D.Va-themed cosmetic items. The first three wins unlocks two sprays, the second three awards a player icon, and when you reach nine wins you’ll unlock the epic Nano Cola D.Va skin.


Along with these unlocks, players can also earn more sprays by watching Overwatch Twitch streams that are connected to their Blizzard account. The available list of streams you can watch to earn your sprays is available on the Overwatch website. The final unlock available during this time is a new free desktop wallpaper also found on the Overwatch website.

Now is a great time to load up Overwatch and get some pretty cool unlocks. We can also look forward to the release of the new Busan map coming soon, but it’s available on PC via the Public Testing Region now if you can’t wait. And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Shooting Star below!