PC Building Simulator Gets ASUS GPUs and Motherboards

PC Building Simulator ASUS

Building PCs simply for fun is expensive.

Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation’s PC Building Simulator lets you loose with all the parts you could ever dream of for one very low price though. And while it’s not quite the same as building an actual PC that you can touch and, more importantly, use, it’s a good alternative for wannabe PC builders out there. It has just got a bit better, too.

Renowned PC hardware manufacturer ASUS has just had 13 of its graphics cards added to the game, as well as eight of its motherboards. So now, when people are getting shirty with you in career mode about their graphics not being up to scratch, you can shove a ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080Ti in there and send them away happy.

More ASUS parts are set to be added into PC Building Simulator in the future. Stuart Morton of The Irregular Corporation stated “Including ASUS in PC Building Simulator has been the number one request from our players for a few months now, so we are delighted to now be working together to bring their fantastic hardware to the game starting with a whole host of GPUs and Motherboards with plenty more to come!”.

Selling over 100,000 copies since hitting Steam on 27th March, PC Building Simulator is a relaxed experience that teaches the basics according to our very own Jack. Check it out on Steam if PC building is something you’re interested in getting into.