Super Seducer is Getting a Sequel

Super Seducer 2

Remember Super Seducer, the game starring renowned pick-up artist Richard La Ruina that caused a stir earlier this year? Well, somehow, it’s getting a sequel.

Super Seducer 2 aims to address some of the issues that people had with the original game by being more inclusive. For a start, Richard now has a female co-star, Charlotte Jones, adding a female touch to the dating advice given. And it doesn’t stop there.

Some of Super Seducer 2‘s dating scenarios will be played out from a female perspective, aiming to give women the confidence to take control and charm a potential partner. It is claimed that over 70 women have been involved in making the game, including Jolie Lennon, an actress and stuntwoman whose name is attached to both Justice League and Wonder Woman. Even Richard’s wife, Kate La Ruina, has been involved.

Another topic it aims to tackle is cross-cultural relationships and dating. From off-hand jokes to simple naivety, Super Seducer 2 will attempt to offer advice to help bring down the barriers presented by cultural misunderstandings. British-Chinese actor Benjamin Lok, who you might have seen in the sitcom Friday Night Dinner, will appear in the game’s third chapter, which has been designed under the consultation of ABC’s of Attraction founder JT Tran. As America’s #1 Asian dating coach, JT’s input is said to have made Super Seducer 2′s teachings more genuine.

Set for release on PC on 12th September, you can add Super Seducer 2 to your Steam wish list right now.