The Surge 2 is Looking Good in This New Gameplay Trailer

The Surge 2

Deck13’s The Surge was one of the best surprises of 2017. It really was.

Taking the Dark Souls formula, building on it, and then transporting the action to a futuristic setting, it faltered in a few areas but made itself plenty of fans, including myself.

A sequel to The Surge was announced earlier this year, and now it seems that its developer is finally ready to start showing it off. A trailer for The Surge 2 has finally been released, showing a game that’s instantly recognisable as a sequel to The Surge while also following up on the promise of providing more interesting and varied environments.

The trailer below is made from pre-alpha gameplay footage, so it may not truly represent the finished product when it finally hits shelves. It does, however, paint a promising picture of what’s to come. The visuals look like they’ve been improved, the pace of the action seems to be blistering, and the enemy designs seem to be on point. Combine all that with the lush environments on show, and you’ve got a game that’s on target to make fans of The Surge happy.