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Flipping Death 3

This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #7

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See the new Red Read Redemption 2 trailer the other day? Looks great, doesn’t it?

It’s not out until the 26th October though, so we haven’t been playing it. Though we really wish we had. Instead, we’ve been playing many other games. Some of them good, some of them not so good. Want to know what they are? Read on amigos!

Want to get in touch and let us know what you’ve been playing this week? Tweet us @game_spew. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Rich: Diablo 3 has had a firm grip on me again this week. My wizard is now a hard-as-nails killing machine, but I just can’t stop doing Rifts in the hope of finding the gear that will make her even more ferocious. As an aside, I was also surprised to find a dungeon full of chickens.

Other than that, I quite enjoyed playing Flipping Death, died a lot in the excellent Dead Cells, and found Russian Subway Dogs to be adorably cute. Oh, and I finally gave up playing Octopath Traveler, because after initially being charmed by it, its dull stories just didn’t compel me to carry on through its tediousness.

Octopath Traveler 3
Octopath Traveler

Kim: There’s close to 1,000 games on my Xbox One and I haven’t been able to tear myself away from Diablo 3 long enough to play anything else. My Crusader isn’t quite as badass as Rich’s Wizard, but she’s not doing bad; she can hold her own on Torment level 10 at least. I’ve also visited a couple of Treasure Vaults, making me write about how utterly wonderous they are.

The couple of times I have managed to pull myself away from Diablo, I’ve dabbled with Castaway Paradise, a cutesy Animal Crossing-style game about rebuilding an island after a storm, and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, a narrative-driven game that tells the story of the Iranian Revolution. Look out for words on both of those next week… providing I can pull myself away from Diablo long enough to write something, that is.

Castaway Paradise
Castaway Paradise

Becca: Summer gaaaaaaaames! Of course, I’ve been playing Overwatch because, as of yesterday Summer Games 2018 has launched. I’ve been saving up my coins so I can buy my favourite skin and, while I don’t quite having enough for a 3,000 coin legendary just yet, I’m almost there so I will surely have enough to buy Waveracer D.va by the end of the event. The rest of the skins (save for Ana and Sombra) are just abysmal sport-related junk. Blizzard clearly doesn’t understand its target audience. We are NERDS.

I’ve also been playing through the really interesting point-and-click game Unavowed which just released August 8th. You play as someone who has been possessed by a demon and through your possession, kill dozens of people. A group of “Supernatural Detectives” named the Unavowed scoop you up and train you in the ways of hunting demons and other such mythical beasts. I’ve still only played a few hours of the game so I’m excited to jump back in and continue with the story. Watch for my full review early next week!

Overwatch Summer Games
Overwatch Summer Games

Jack: The flaming heat wave is gone, so I’ve been able to sit at my desk without spontaneously combusting. This means I can play games again, so obviously I played Warframe again this week. I’ve decided to try and level up more for mastery rank, and doing so has meant I’ve been toying with various guns which really showcases the breadth of weapons in Warframe.

Also, Monster Hunter World released on PC! My Warframe ‘lads’ and I have been teaming up (no thanks to MH World’s overwrought group system). We’ve gone from them teaching me everything Warframe to me teaching them everything Monster Hunter World. It runs quite decently on my GTX 970 and i5 4690k at 60 fps. Look out for my review of the PC version next week.

Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World

Chris: I’m continuing the plunder the seven seas (and by seven, I mean a small fraction of one) in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Sailing into a storm and facing a vast wave head-on never gets old, neither does taking on a huge sea-creature in a tiny rowboat. Finally getting the ability to dive beneath the ocean left me with a big grin on my face, almost as big as the one on the shark that mauled my character to death before he could make the surface.

Less enjoyable, however, has been my experience with We Happy Few, which I’ve reviewed this week. It has some superb narrative elements and the scripted missions are excellent. But I’d rather have seen the main game turned into a linear Bioshock style experience and the open world bits relegated to the upcoming sandbox mode. There’s fun to be had with We Happy Few but the fetch quests and excessive component-hunting do it no favours.

We Happy Few

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