V-Rally 4 Has a Special Stage Generator

V-Rally 4

Before, my interest in V-Rally 4 was at the level of “oh, a new rally game!”. But now, it’s at “I really want to play V-Rally 4“.

Why? Because I’ve just learned that it has a special stage generator. That’s why.

V-Rally 4 is set to feature an abundance of pre-defined stages spread across Malaysia, Japan, Siberia, Kenya, Sequoia Park and Monument Valley. And while you can aptly listen to your co-driver to master them, you can also choose to remember them. With the specials generator in play though, there will be some stages in which you’ll never really know what’s coming next.

Randomly opening and closing road sections, the specials generator puts pressure on players to listen to their co-drivers and drive to the edge of their limits. Lose your concentration or your nerve and you’re likely to end up careering off the track or sauntering over the finish line in last place. In any case, it really makes me want to play V-Rally 4 now. Randomly generated stages in a rally game? That sounds good to me!

Want to see the specials generator in action? Check out the two gameplay videos below. And remember, V-Rally 4 will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC this September. It’s also coming to Switch at a later date.