War Tech Fighters: Mech Your Own Robot

War Tech Fighters 2

Any game that allows you to build your own giant mech is generally a winner.

I remember spending tens of hours building mechs of all shapes and sizes in Chromehounds, an Xbox 360 game that came out early in the console’s life. But then the servers got turned off and that was the end of that. I don’t have to worry about the servers being turned off for my latest favourite mech building game though, War Tech Fighters, as it’s a single player game only.

It’s a strange game, but also an entertaining one, War Tech Fighters. The action is confined to the air, often deep space even, yet you’re not piloting a craft, you’re piloting a huge mech. Enemies fly around like insects, and once you’ve got them lined up in your sights you can unleash hell upon them to take them down. And your brand of hell comes in four distinct varieties.


Fast projectile attacks are just that; quick and responsive, they seldom fail to hit their mark but do little damage. Heavy projectile attacks, on the other hand, are the opposite; they have a lower rate of fire and travel slower, but if they hit their mark: boom! And then there are missile attacks; homing in on targets, they do a lot of damage on impact. Unlike projectile attacks that rely on rechargeable energy, however, missiles are a limited resource.

War Tech Fighters 1

But what about the fourth variety of hell, you’re probably shouting. What’s that? Well, the answer is your mech’s brute strength. Wear an enemy down enough and an indicator might appear letting you know you can perform a finisher on them. Once you see it, simply push the required button when the enemy is in your sights, and you’ll be treated to a quick scene in which your mech will physically wreck them in one of a number of ways. Taking the action out of your hands momentarily, finishing enemies this way admittedly breaks the pace of the game if you do it way too often, but used in moderation it gives you a bit of a welcome breather.

While War Tech Fighter‘s action is enjoyable in itself, however, the real joy comes from assembling your own mech back at the hangar. As you make your way through the game’s many story missions and challenges, you unlock new technology and the cash to purchase upgrades. Pretty much every part of your mech can be swapped out and replaced: arms, legs, body, head, weapons. And depending on which part you replace them with you’ll find your abilities altered in some way.

War Tech Fighters 3

Buying a more advanced head, for instance, will not only change how your mech looks, but might also provide more armour or energy. Though it’s a balancing act, as some parts may also decrease some stats. Thankfully there are also some technological upgrades available that will enable you to generally improve your offensive capabilities irrespective of your mech building endeavours. And to give your custom mech a finishing touch, you can change its colour scheme, making it as gaudy as you like.

Currently available for the low price of £9.99/$14.99, there’s a lot to like about War Tech Fighters. The action is fast-paced and exciting, and the mech building options are extensive. Having just left Early Access though, its price is set to be raised on 8th August. It still won’t be expensive at £13.99/$19.99, but if your idea of fun is piloting giant mechs and blasting enemies to smithereens, I’d suggest you buy it right now.