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Where to Find Joy in We Happy Few

Are you having problems finding Joy in We Happy Few? Here’s how to get your hands on this dystopian adventure’s mood-altering and mind-erasing drug.

Firstly you likely won’t stumble across Joy until you reach Wellington Wells’ main districts. There are also hazards to taking too much and, while the drug will help you blend in, coming down off Joy will get you a lot of unwanted attention. But here’s where to look.

Joy Booths

There are Joy Booths – converted telephone booths – in all Wellington Wells sub-districts. Simply use a booth to go inside and take your Joy, though the catch is that you take the pill there and then. You don’t get a pill to take with you.

Taps inside houses

In We Happy Few‘s Wellington Wells, any tap water contains joy. Drink from a tap to receive an immediate dose of Joy. If you have any empty canteens, you can fill them with Joy tap water, giving you a portable source of joy.

On the bodies of Wellington Wells’ inhabitants

If you knock out or kill one of Wellington Wells’ residents (not the Wastrels in the Garden District) there’s a small chance you’ll find one or more Joy pills. Once you reach the place where Joy is made, you’ll discover that nearly every person there has Joy on them.

On the bodies of Doctors

If you manage to kill or knockout a Doctor in We Happy Few (one of the trench-coat wearing NPCs), you’ll find Joy tablets in their possession. But given that they carry circular saws, this isn’t an easy option.

The dispenser by the Garden District bridge

There’s a dispenser on the bridge between Wellington Wells and the Garden District. Taking a joy here is essential if you’re planning on going back through the Downer Detector and heading back into Wellington Wells. You can take a Joy and further explore the Garden District but there’s not much point. Like the booths, this dispenser gives you a dose of Joy but not a pill to take away.

Anywhere in Wellington Wells, but mostly houses

You can potentially find Joy anywhere in Wellington Wells, but you’re most likely to find it rifling through cupboards and drawers. Remember, due to the fact that many objects are randomly distributed, you may have to do a lot of searching to find Joy.

Happy Joy hunting!

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