5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man

7th September is a day many PlayStation 4 owners have been counting down for: the release of Spider-Man.

The hype train for Insomniac Games’ new release has been so intense, and built so quickly, that it would require Spidey himself in order to slow it down.

With information slinging all over the web, we’re here to inform you Spidey fans of five  key things you should know before purchasing Spider-Man and donning the famous suit.

1Spider-Man isn’t just about Spider-Man

Peter Parker plays a key role within Spider-Man. You’ll feel like Spidey when swinging through the streets of New York, but that’s not all there is to the game. The story revolves around Peter Parker, and his double life as Spider-Man.

Peter now works as a scientist, and at times you’ll get the chance to control Peter as he goes about his daily work. There’s a lot of dedicated cut-scenes to Peter Parker, and stories related to his personal life outside of Spider-Man’s superhero-ing.

2The Big Apple is only a slice of the pie

Insomniac Games has designed New York to be as realistic and authentic as possible, but the team has, of course, made some modifications. Some areas are super similar to the streets of New York, but some have been changed or even omitted. It seems that New York wasn’t quite the city of dreams when designing Spider-Man. Following the template of games such as Assassin’s Creed and Breath of the Wild, each area will have a dedicated ‘tower’ to climb and interact with in order to sync that area to the map.

Swinging from one place to the next is one of the most important aspects to Spider-Man, and the city is designed with this in mind. In order to create the smooth traverse that is within Spider-Man, some of the areas had to be modified to ensure that Spidey kept on swinging without any problems.

3Mary Jane is also playable

It wouldn’t really be a Spider-Man game without Mary Jane. Insomniac Games has decided to not just make her an important character in the story, but actually make her playable. You can’t just choose when to switch to Mary Jane, but there’s plenty of opportunities within the story to play as her.

Of course, Mary Jane is not fighting crime like Spidey. Instead, each Mary Jane level is based around her character strengths. Without giving too much away, the first Mary Jane mission is stealth based, and relates to the core plot of Spider-Man.

4Spider-Man is older and wiser

Spider-Man isn’t an origins story. As the game starts, Peter Parker has already been Spidey for a few years, and has got over the initial difficulties that being a hero brought about. Spider-Man is still quick witted, endearing and good willed, but he’s no longer the slightly emotional protagonist we’ve sometimes seen in the past.

But the real difference can be seen with Peter Parker himself. He’s matured and dedicated himself to his work in science. He no longer struggles with the responsibility that having a lot of power brings, which makes for a stark change in Peter Parker’s representation.

5Spider-Man is needed a lot

Outside of the main story of Spider-Man, there are some really fun and tense side quests. These introduce new characters (some who you may recognise) and new challenges. The side quests offer even more variety to a very engaging main campaign.

Opportunities for Spidey to fight crime can appear at any moment, even when it’s least expected. From car thefts, to robberies, to clumsy builders falling off towers, Spidey has his web-filled hands full. These side activities are great fun, but can get a little tiresome and repetitive after the 30th rescue mission. But, “with great power comes great responsibility”, no matter how repetitive.