Check Out This Life is Strange 2 Documentary Ahead of the Game’s Release

Life is Strange 2-min

The first episode of Life is Strange 2 is now only a couple of weeks away.

In anticipation of its launch, Dontnod has released a short ‘making of’ documentary which fans of the series should definitely find time to watch.

Titled “The Road to Life is Strange 2“, it features never before seen footage of the game and a quick look behind the scenes, as well comments from key figures of the development team including co-creators Michel Koch, Raoul Barbet, and Jean-Luc Cano.


Coming in at just under 10 minutes, it’s a short but interesting insight into the second (well, third) series of a franchise that has quickly captured people’s hearts. Check it out below to whet your appetite for episode one of Life is Strange 2 that launches on 27th September. Also, why not check out our list of five things you need to know about the game?