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Five Ways to Make Gold With Professions in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Battle For Azeroth

Sorry folks, there’s no more passive gold farming through Order Hall missions. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth you’ve got to work for your gold now.

A good way to tell if gold is harder to come by is the value of WoW’s in-game tokens, which are used to purchase subscription time, or add £10 to your Blizzard Battlenet wallet. Pre Battle for Azeroth, the price of tokens was just above 300k gold. Since the expansion’s release, they now hover around 170-180k.

In Legion, players were able to make tens of thousands of gold a week effortlessly by logging on and sending followers on missions that rewarded gold. In Battle for Azeroth you need to put in a little bit more work. So with professions in mind, here are five ways to earn gold in Battle for Azeroth.


Prices always fluctuate like crazy during the first few months of a new expansion. Alchemy is a profession that suffers heavily from price changes. When Battle for Azeroth’s first raid, Uldir, came out flasks were priced lower than the cost of their materials. Through invaluable addon TSM4, you can see how much profit you’ll get from turning your herbalism materials into flasks, as opposed to selling the flowers themselves.

Winter’s Kiss farming route. All Images from WoW-professions

I would advise farming herbs and not turning them into flasks, unless you or your guild require them for raiding. The prices of Battle for Azeroth herbs fluctuate constantly, with Winter’s Kiss tending to be the cheapest given its lucrative farming route. The pot of gold here though is really Anchor Weed – its price tends to be around 500g each. It’s much harder to acquire though; in the time I’d gathered 2,000 Winter’s Kisses, I may only have collected about 50 Anchor Weeds. Still, those 2,000 Winter’s Kisses amounts to 50k gold, and the 50 Weeds are 25k gold. Keep an eye on which herbs are the most expensive to work out whether it’d be worth farming those over Winter’s Kiss.

A great tip for you herbalists out there is to get your hands on some Coarse Leather Bindings from leatherworking which prevents you being dazed while mounted. Similarly, for those without the Sky Golem, blacksmithing’s Monel-Hardened Stirrups allow you to pick the herb while mounted. These two items can be applied at the same time.


Players are always looking to quickly gear up characters hitting level 120. Those with dispensable income are likely to buy crafted gear from the Auction House, putting gold into the pockets of crafters. As such, blacksmithing and leatherworking can be valid paths to making money in Battle for Azeroth, but potential profit isn’t as lucrative. This boils down to tailors’ crafted blue items needing Deep Sea Satin, which doesn’t have a simple or overly effective farming strategy. In leatherworking, however, acquiring leather or bones is extremely easy.

An easy way to get hold of the other important and soulbound crafting material – Expulsom, which is soulbound – is to use Battle for Azeroth’s scrapper to turn any gear into materials. Given how easy it is to farm the materials for crafting green items in leatherworking, I tend to make greens with my leather, send them to my tailor and scrap them on that character. The chance to get the Expulsom isn’t fantastic, but you’ll get some. Tailoring crafted blue items tend to sell for 20k+ gold, and if you’re lucky enough to have it craft into the epic version, you’re looking at 50k gold.

Mistscale Fist Weapons

Have no fear, leatherworkers; there’s something for you to craft too. The armor crafted by leatherworking isn’t particularly valuable, but with the changes to  artifact weapons, the search for decent weapons has returned. Leatherworkers can make 300 item level agility or intellect fist weapons, and these are sought after by those looking for quick gear at level 120. You’ll have Windwalking Monks and Enhancement Shamans potentially after these, and I’ve been selling them for 5-8k gold. It’s not a remarkable amount I know, but with enough of them, it soon stacks up.

For all your coarse leather and blood-stained bone needs.

Again, you’ll need Expulsom for these, but as a leatherworker that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Luck will need to be on your side to get the Expulsom from your crafted greens and/or anything you levelled up with. Farming for those blood-stained bones and leather is easy peasy though – a great farming spot is in Drustvar, killing Quillrats. So, kill Quillrats to make greens to scrap them to make blues. Simple.

Blood-Stained Bones

On the topic of blood-stained bones, they are extremely useful for leatherworking across the board. So if you have skinning but no leatherworking, you can still farm that same spot in Drustvar and simply sell the blood-stained bones instead of turning them into anything. They sell for just as much as Winter’s Kiss, and are probably easier to farm. If you use World of Warcraft’s  premade group finder you may even be lucky enough to find a group farming those Quillrats. I’ve found one before, and was surrounded by so many dead Quillrats all ready to be skinned. All those poor, dead rats. I still have bad dreams.

Fishing Redtails/Midnight Salmon

Sometimes you just want to relax while farming for gold, and there’s no better way of doing that than fishing. Put on some ambient music and drift off while you fish for Redtails and Midnight Salmon – the hardest to obtain for this expansion’s feasts. Midnight Salmons can have a soul crushingly low drop chance, but it goes up just a little bit if you farm between 6:30pm and 6:30am server time.

Redtail Loach farm. Circled by yours truly. Look at the majesty of the line. *chef’s kiss*

For Redtails, there’s a place in Nazmir that gives you roughly a 50% drop chance when fishing there – addon Fishing Buddy supplied my percentage stat there from a 200 fish stint. Previously, Redtails  had to be fished from pools that were difficult to get because of how many people were trying to farm them. Now, however, with a 50% drop chance on the open water behind a giant frog in Nazmir, and their 75g price tag, it’s well worth it.

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