How to Choose Difficulty in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Like most open world games, Marvel’s Spider-Man gives you the choice of three difficulty levels to pick from. But which difficulty is best for you, and how do you change it?

Spider-Man’s three difficulty levels

Rather than being called ‘easy’, ‘medium’ and ‘hard’, Spider-Man‘s difficulties have unique names. To make them more Spider-Man-appropriate, the game’s difficulties are labelled as follows:

  • Friendly = easy
  • Amazing = medium
  • Spectacular = hard

The difficulty level will affect your experience with combat in the game. The level you choose will affect the amount of damage enemies cause, and the amount of damage they can take.

What difficulty level should I choose?

Only you can decide what difficulty level in Spider-Man will be right for you. Despite describing itself as a “focus on the story”, Friendly mode still provides enough challenge in combat that you’ll find yourself dying if you aren’t quick to push the right buttons.

Unless you’re an absolute pro and relish a good challenge, you’ll want to stick to either Friendly (easy) or Amazing (medium) difficulty. Since nothing is locked out to higher difficulty levels, no matter what you choose, you’ll have the same access to everything in the game.

How to change difficulty in Spider-Man

When you start a new game in Spider-Man, you’ll be asked to choose your difficulty before you begin playing. But don’t worry – you can change your mind at any time.

Head into the game’s main menu by pressing the PS4 controller’s ‘options’ button. From there, select ‘Game Options’, and navigate to ‘Difficulty’. You can change it up or down as many times as you like.

Are there trophies tied to difficulty?

If you’re a trophy hunter, you’re in luck – Spider-Man doesn’t have any trophies tied to difficulty. So no matter what difficulty level you choose to play as, you’ll be able to unlock all of the trophies.