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How to Edit Players in Fifa 19 Career Mode

Sometimes you want a player to wear different boots, or change the tightness of their shirts to match the rest of the squad. Here’s how to edit players in Fifa 19’s career mode.

It’s the age old EA Sports catalogue you’ll need to go to first to be able to edit players in career. Luckily, you can do this easily from the main career mode menu by clicking in the right analogue stick. Then find and purchase “Edit Player in Career” which will set you back 1500FCC.

Then if you back out to the main career mode menus again, the “edit player” icon in the bottom right is now usable. Editing players in career mode will allow you to change all sorts of cosmetics about them – which boots they wear, ankle tape, whether they tuck in their shirt, kit fit, sleeves, gloves, glove colour, left and right wrist and their colours, and sock height. Yes, sock height.

There’s a vast selection of boots to change your players into, and if FIFA 19 works the same as previous years, EA Sports will continue to add new boots into the game.

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