How To Find All The Items For The Party in Life is Strange 2: Episode 1

Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 – Roads introduces the strong bond between Sean and Daniel. But it also presents how close Sean and Lyla (the “love guru”) are.

Lyla tries to help Sean impress his crush, Jen, and also gives Sean a list of items to retrieve from his house to take to the party.

This begins the first player-controlled moment in Life is Strange 2 where the player has to search Sean’s house to find each item on the list. But some of these items are pretty well hidden, so we’re here to let you know where to search and what to do. Just call us the Life is Strange 2 guru – it probably won’t have any consequences though…


  • A blanket
    For the blanket you’ll have to venture down to the basement, turn right (before entering the garage), and search the top shelf. Don’t avoid speaking to Sean’s father though; it begins a great conversation between the two.
  • Snacks
    The snacks can be found in the kitchen, in the highest cupboard. You’ll be given the choice between crisps and cookies; it won’t affect much so pick whichever takes your fancy.
  • Drinks
    The drinks can be found in the fridge. Again, you’ll be given a choice: this time between beers or something non alcoholic. It’s another decision without any huge consequences, so pick either.
  • Condom
    Head to Sean’s bedroom, which is past the kitchen, and on the left. Search the drawer next to Sean’s bed, and move some items to find the condom.
  • Weed
    Check out the desk with the computer on. Examine the drawer and move some items.

And that’s it – you’ve found every item that Sean needed for the party.

In order to progress to the next part of the game, you’ll have to return to Sean’s bag, which is by the front door. Examine it and add the items, and this will begin the next section of episode one of Life is Strange 2.

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