How to Greet Pedestrians in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man isn’t just your friendly neighbourhood superhero, you know. He’s also just a friendly person on the street, too.

When you’re walking around the streets of New York, you can interact with the locals that you walk past. Here’s how to do it.

Normally the attack button, when no enemies are nearby, pressing ‘square’ gains a new ability. When on the streets surrounded by pedestrians, ‘square’ will greet the people nearby. Maybe Spider-Man will give them a quick wave or a friendly hand gesture. Maybe he’ll say hey.


There’s no XP to be gained or any in-game challenges that involve talking to people on the street. But hey, it’s fun. And Marvel’s Spider-Man is all about having fun. So when you’re inbetween missions, just wandering around looking for your next crime to solve, don’t forget to say hey to your adoring public.