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How to Make Easy Money in Sunless Sea

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Stuck for cash in Sunless Sea or Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition? Here’s how to make some quick cash.

With at least 20 free slots in your hold, 200 Echoes and enough fuel and supplies for the journey (at least 7 of each is advisable), head South West from Fallen London until you find the Salt Lions.

You may have to roam around a bit and should avoid conflict with other ships where possible. Once you get there, dock and explore. You’ll see the option to take Sphinxstone to Fallen London. Take this option then, after paying your 200 Echoes, go back to Fallen London and, exploring London, drop them off.

You can do this typically between one and five times and you’ll make an easy 300 Echoes each trip.

You should also gather a port report at every island or port you go to. You can then sell these to the Admiralty in London. The Alarming Scholar at Fallen London’s university will also buy secrets and tales off you.

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