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How to Make Money in FIFA 19 Career Mode

We all know the dream when playing FIFA’s career mode: getting a lower league club to the top of their respective country, spending millions on the best players in the process.

Of course, that requires quite a lot of money to do so. I’ve compiled a short list of some of the best ways to make money in FIFA 19‘s career mode. Have fun getting rich!

Financial Takeover

The most obvious way to make money in Career Mode is to buy the financial takeover option from the EA Sports Catalogue. Simply click the right analogue stick in the menus to open the catalogue, and then scroll to and select “financial takeover”. The first one will cost you 1,000 FCC. If you’re an avid FIFA player then the cost probably won’t make much of a dent – I have 903,106 FCC.

It’s some kind of shady deal if they show up with a briefcase full of money.

Win Trophies

Winning trophies in FIFA 19 won’t get you money straight away – apart from the pre-season tournament which you should aim to win. Progressing through any trophy competition will net you some money, and for those teams in League 2, progressing through the FA Cup can be a real financial boost in career mode (just like real life).

This year EA Sports has allowed you to keep more funds from previous seasons, and budget is affected by how well you performed the year previous, so winning trophies and getting promoted will net you more money to spend for the upcoming season.

Yes! £3.6m! That’s enough to afford another scout to find me some free money… I mean players.

Train the Youngsters

Often at a club you may find yourself with a bunch of young players you have no desire to use in the squad. Now, you could get them out of the squad ASAP, but if you don’t mind spending a bit of time training them up, those young players will be worth more later on.

You can turn a mid 60s player worth less than a million into a mid 70s player worth £10m by the end of your first season. So, whether you’re behemoth Manchester United, or cash-stripped Forest Green, keep an eye on those promising players that, with a bit of training, could net you a nifty fee. Also make sure you send off a scout to look for youngsters to bring into the club to train then sell.

Start of the season worth £625,000. By January, worth £2.7m.

Buy Low, Train, Sell High

Training is invaluable for increasing the value of a player in FIFA 19. If your squad seems devoid of young promising players then you can always invest part of your budget on some – even purchasing one that could be a useful player for your team. In real life, most teams will have a three to five year plan, so why not buy a youngster to train him up over a season or two before selling them for mass profit? Just try not to get too attached to them – remember, they’re just a bunch of pixels. Websites like Ultrafifa are great tools for finding young promising players within your price range, or within qualities you’re looking for in your squad. It’s a sure-fire way to earn money in FIFA 19.

Pre-Contract Agreements

At the start of every season in FIFA 19, always have an instruction in your global transfer network looking for first team quality players with less than a year left on their contracts. When the January transfer window comes along, those players with six months left on their contracts will be signable for free. Then, buying these players for free allows you to sell them the following January for a lot of profit. So far this year I can see players like Cesc Fabregas and Vincent Kompany who will be signable for free in January to join up with the squad for the following season.

These players with less than a year will be cheaper before that pre-contract agreement, too. Clubs will sell these players for less than their value because their contracts are nearing the end. So, either buy them at the start of the season for cheaper, in January for even cheaper, or in January for free for the summer. Make sure to add these players to your shortlist early to receive emails on any other clubs trying to sign them.

Don’t even need to talk to Chelsea. In January I can go straight to contract negotiations.

Free Agents

For very, very poor clubs, simply buying any player is painstaking, but thankfully there are plenty of free agents for you to pick up. These players will only cost wages, and thanks to training you can get a free young player who’s pretty bad and use all your training slots to make him worth substantial money for your very poor club. I’ve signed a free agent before for £0 and sold him a year later for £10m. The dream is real.

Don’t look so glum, Andrew, you might be in luck finding a new club.


Often a negotiation doesn’t go your way, or your assistant manager reveals an offer that is almost insulting. When buying players in FIFA 19, I recommend delegating the contract agreement to try and avoid the signing, goal scoring/conceding bonuses the player wants. When selling your youngsters, always delegate in a way where you never sell the player for less than you’d be happy with. If you delegate a buy and the offer accepted is too high for you, get in and negotiate face-to-face with your wanted players’ manager. Making money in FIFA 19 is pure business, see.

A lot of these take some time to bring in the cash, but when you’re able to buy a player for £1m and sell him for over 10 times that the following season, that kind of money is invaluable for a lower league, financially unstable side. But within two seasons, you could make enough millions to help push your club to the top without sacrificing players you don’t want to sell.

Delegating can avoid those signing bonuses.

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