New World of Final Fantasy Maxima Trailer Reveals What’s New

Earlier this month, it was announced that World of Final Fantasy Maxima is coming to PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch.

The original World of Final Fantasy is already available on PS4 and PC, so the “Maxima” addition will be available as paid DLC. But this is the first time the game will be available on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. A new trailer from Tokyo Game Show has just been released, showing off some new footage from the game, as well as a list of what’s new. New to the Maxima edition is:

  • An Avatar Change system, letting you fight as your favourite Final Fantasy heroes.
  • New Champions and Mirages added to the game
  • You can go fishing with Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis!
  • New dungeon challenges


Whether there’ll be enough added to warrant purchasing the DLC remains to be seen, but if you’re yet to play World of Final Fantasy, it seems like the best way to enjoy. Following twins Lann and Reynn, it’s a more accessible adventure through Final Fantasy’s history, with plenty of familiar faces popping up. Whether you’re a franchise stalwart or new to Final Fantasy, it’s a worthwhile RPG. Read our review of the original game here.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima will be available on all formats on 6th November 2018.