9King Dodongo

The Gorons of Death Mountain were afraid to enter Dodongo’s Cavern thanks to the danger that King Dodongo created. Young Link was tasked with destroying King Dodongo so that he could be awarded the Goron Ruby, and (perhaps more importantly) be a Sworn Brother. The dungeon itself is fairly straightforward and awards Link with bombs.

King Dodongo’s attack in Ocarina of Time is to blast flames at young Link. But it rarely gets to that situation. King Dodongo takes a long time to inhale enough oxygen for the fire, in which time Link can easily throw a bomb into Dodongo’s mouth, causing it to explode within the King. This makes King Dodongo roll around the path, which is again very avoidable, until it crashes, and you can strike it. An easy pattern to learn and master.

King Dodongo does seem menacing at first, but his easy to learn battle technique makes it a very easy, and forgettable, win for Link. Surely one of the Gorons could have just learned this battle pattern in the first place?