Super Lucky’s Tale is Now Available on Steam

Super Lucky's Tale Header

If you’re a PC gamer who likes colourful 3D platformers, today might just be your lucky day.

Previously only available on Xbox One and the Windows 10 store, Super Lucky’s Tale is now available on Steam. It’s a colourful 3D platformer that’s enjoyable no matter how old you are, and it’s available at a bargain price too.

On Steam, Super Lucky’s Tale is priced at just £14.99/$19.99. Two DLC packs are also available, each offering plenty of content for their £3.99/$4.99 asking price.


We reviewed the Windows 10 version of Super Lucky’s Tale back when it launched last November, stating that “It’s cute, well-made and fun to play”. Suffice to say, if you’re after a game with plenty of collectables to find, platforms to jump across and puzzles to solve, you can’t go wrong. Plus, Lucky is a wonderfully cheery character. So go on, treat yourself. You won’t be disappointed.