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Super Seducer 2

Super Seducer 2 is on Course to Make You Cringe

Released earlier this year, Super Seducer caused quite a bit of a stir.

An FMV game devised by Richard La Ruina, a “professional pick up artist”, it came under fire for being sleazy and misogynistic. But, despite being denied a console release, it somehow managed to shift enough copies to warrant a sequel. And so Richard is back, trying to woo you like he’d try to woo a lady; with persistence and confidence.

Aiming to be more inclusive while also ramping up the comedy, Super Seducer 2 wants to cast its net further that the first game ever could. Whether or not it will though, I’m not quite sure. With its first chapter, “Posh Totty vs Supermodel”, opening with Richard taking a ride in a tank before turning heads as he approaches a cafe, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that he is indeed a bit of a dick. It’s meant to be humorous, I’m sure, but it also gives the impression of a man who loves to stroke his own ego. But then he’s a pick up artist, what would you expect?

It’s a shame, as there are glimpses of a likeable down to earth fellow at times, but then just as you begin to warm to Super Seducer 2‘s over the top scenarios and ridiculous dialogue options, it’ll cut to Richard and new co-star Charlotte Jones offering you advice that will often make you want to scratch your own eyeballs out and fill your ears with Polyfilla. And no one really wants to do that.

Three chapters are currently available in the Super Seducer 2 preview build. The first is a thoroughly entertaining affair if you take it as just that – a Leisure Suit Larry-like parody of “pulling” a wealthy lady. Apparently it’s simple, you just behave like any decent human being, while also not appearing to be too dull. The fun really comes in choosing the most outlandish options available, which you’ll inevitably do so on your second playthrough.

The second chapter is where the cringe starts to build however, aiming to teach you how to seduce your secretary (if you have one). The playful ridiculousness of the first scenario is quickly peeled away, leaving you with something that just feels awkward to play through. “Keep it professional” is the advice you’re given, before then prompting you to take your secretary on a work event in order to eventually work your way into her undergarments. Classy!

It’s the third chapter in Super Seducer 2‘s story that disappointed the most though, mainly because it’s boring, and also because I don’t really see the point of it. Supposedly designed with the help of JT Tran, apparently America’s no. 1 Asian dating coach, it aims to address the so-called “taboos” of cross-cultural dating. In fact, it seems to offer nothing revelatory; it simply requires you to act like a bit of a douche. Or at least that’s my excuse for failing.

Across all three scenarios, the acting is all over the place, and so is the humour. Sometimes Super Seducer 2 does manage to raise a chuckle, but then Richard will come out with a line like “Chinese is the Dark Souls of languages” and you’ll just want to die. Suffice to say then, Super Seducer 2 isn’t all that much different from its predecessor, which means it’s probably something you could possibly enjoy in some sort of sick and twisted way, in secret. If you go into it really expecting some dating advice then there’s definitely something wrong with you, but it you want a cheap laugh at the game and everything around it, it might be worth a punt when it releases on 12th September.

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