The Best Young Players in FIFA 19

Forget Ultimate Team in FIFA 19; we all know it’s all about Career Mode and developing that perfect squad. Each year new gems are ready to be discovered, and Fifa 19 is no different. Check out these great young players, and build the dream youthful team.

6Raheem Sterling: 23 years old

Hardly a hidden gem, but the Man City right winger starts out at 85. Not bad for a 22 year old! Plus his electric pace (93) and great dribbling skills (87) make him a fantastic young player in Fifa 19.

5Marco Asensio: 22 years old

Again, Asensio is hardly a secret talent, but the Real Madrid left winger boasts some of the best stats in FIFA 19 for a young player. Asensio’s 83 rating for passing makes him a creative force, and his 84 rating for shooting means he’s a threat in front of goal too.

4Milinkovic-Savic: 23 years old

At an overall rating of 85, Milinkovic-Savic is a brilliant choice for central midfield. This year, the all-rounder boasts an 84 for his physical rating, an 82 for dribbling and an 80 for passing. Milinkovic-Savic is a fantastic addition to any team in FIFA 19.

3Kimmich: 23 years old

Kimmich is one of the best young defenders in FIFA 19. In fact, he’s one of the best right backs overall in FIFA 19. Kimmich’s overall rating of 85 reflects how dynamic the young defender from Bayern Munich is. His 82 rating for dribbling, and 83 for passing makes Kimmich one of the best right backs in FIFA 19. Plus his 77 rating for defending means he’s a solid choice at the back too.

2Leroy Sané: 22 years old

Despite being overlooked for the German World Cup side, Sané is one of the best young players in FIFA 19. The left winger is rated at 86, with an immense 95 rating for pace, and an 84 for dribbling. The lightning quick Man City forward is one of the best young attackers in FIFA 19.

1Kylian Mbappé: 19 years old

Perhaps the star of the World Cup, Mbappé also steals the show in FIFA 19 with his young age but amazing potential. Rated at 87, the PSG forward boasts a 96 rating for pace, and an 89 for dribbling. Perfect traits for getting past those tough defenders in FIFA 19. Mbappé is far from easy to get in FIFA 19, but he’s well worth a try.