6From Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted: Naughty Dog’s Best Games

Naughty Dog games have become synonymous with greatness.

From the Uncharted series to the Crash Bandicoot franchise, some of the greatest franchises on PlayStation have come from Naughty Dog’s studios. But Naughty Dog has a long history: it started in 1985 with Math Jam, a fun game that promoted learning.

Well, over the years we’ve learned a lot about what Naughty Dog has to offer. This time, we’ve done the maths to our own jam, and come up with what we believe to be the best Naughty Dog games of all time.

Bear in mind that we’re judging games based on how good they were when they came out, and not always to modern expectations. But, of course, you can’t teach a naughty dog new tricks, and who needs to when the tricks are this good?