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This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #11

Battlefield V 2
Battlefield V

Another week, another bucketload of games to play.

When we’ve not been writing about games, we’ve been playing them. And with busy release season right upon us, some of us have been trying to make a dent in our backlogs before we’re rained upon with new games. Here’s what’s been making our consoles hot this week.

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Rich: Last weekend, I spent an ample amount of time with a ninja rabbit in pursuit of carrots in Ninjin: Clash of Carrots. It’s an addictive and unusual little game so I strongly advise you to check it out if you’re after a side-scrolling beat’em up with a difference. I also hopped onto the Battlefield V beta for some time, and was very impressed with how the game is shaping up. Whilst I experienced one or two glitches on the Xbox version, it looks beautiful and the gameplay is wonderfully tense.

I’ve also dabbled in a couple of other games too: Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS and Naruto to Boruto. Both have some issues at the moment, but hopefully they’ll be ironed out with patches. Look out for more on them next week.

Ninjin Clash of Carrots 3
Ninjin: Clash of Carrots

Kim: I finally got around to starting Detroit: Become Human this week. With mixed opinions on the game here on GameSpew I wasn’t sure what to expect. But a few hours in I’m really enjoying it, despite the trademark Quantic Dream quick time events being rather annoying. No, turning an analogue stick and tapping a button does not make opening a kitchen cupboard anymore immersive.

I’ve played some Mini Metro on Switch, which is a lot of fun, and rather addictive – but it’s a good job I don’t work for TfL as it turns out I’m pretty terrible at planning train routes. I’ve also played Donut County on PlayStation 4, which is just wonderful. It has a Katamari vibe to it… but instead of rolling giant balls, it’s all about making holes. Look out for more words on both of those from me next week.

And like half of the population today, I’ve swung into Spider-Man – or Marvel’s Spider-Man, as it seems to be called all of a sudden. I’ve only spent about an hour with Peter Parker and his alter ego, but it seems like good fun.

Detroit: Become Human

Becca: This week I’ve been playing a lot of different things. With pressure from my best friend I finally downloaded Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on my phone and played some of that. It’s fun, though I was a little disappointed that they just let you choose your Hogwarts House rather then taking some kind of quiz to determine it. I always enjoy taking those quizzes even though I end up in Hufflepuff every time. Puff for life!

I’ve also been playing some Odysseus Kosmos and His Robot Quest, a fairly new point-and-click adventure game where you play as Odysseus Kosmos, the only remaining living member aboard his ship. When things start going wrong it’s up to you to fix the ship all on your own with just a few robots to help, though they’re not very helpful. Finally, I’ve been bit under the weather this week so in and among my many naps I’ve been playing A LOT of Stardew Valley on my Switch. At this point I probably have over 100 hours in Stardew because it’s just so easy to pick up and play and I just love getting to take care of and groom my garden to perfection.

Stardew Valley

Alec: The early part of my week was taken up with FIFA 18 and W.E.L.D.E.R (Word Examination Laboratory for Dynamic Extraction and Reassessment), a cracking little mobile word game that plays a bit like one-player scrabble and has a really cool mechanical aesthetic.

And then, glorious Friday came at last and everyone’s favourite humanoid arachnid arrived on my PS4. I’ve only really scratched the surface so far but early signs are very good. Insomniac has nailed the web swinging, the writing and characters are strong and it all feels like a distinctive take on an instantly recognisable universe. The most pleasant surprise has been the combat. I was worried it would all feel a bit Arkham-lite, but while there are similarities, it has its own rhythm and feel thanks to Spider-Man’s hyperfluidity and vulnerability. The fact that the game looks gorgeous doesn’t exactly hurt either, and then there’s a photo mode that gives you a host of toys to play with and even lets you create your own comic book covers. Most importantly, I can’t wait to play more.


Chris: Aside from doing progressively more terrible things in Graveyard Keeper, I’ve been doing progressively more terrible things in Two Point Hospital, which I reviewed this week. It’s an excellent game though I am missing the chain-vomiting epidemics that featured in Theme Hospital (words I never thought I’d type).

I’ve also finally revisited 2013’s Tomb Raider, which I angrily parted ways with after it deleted my saved game some time back. My God, the amount of punishment Lara gets put through the in the first hour of that game is ridiculous. If it hadn’t been penned by a female writer (Rhianna Pratchett) I’d think that someone had serious issues.

Two Point Hospital 1
Two Point Hospital

Jack: This week on Jack Plays WoW – that’s what this post is about right? My Monk is now also level 120 and on path to be my backup should patch 8.1 continue to leave me underwhelmed by Elemental Shaman. This week also saw Warfronts start, and new raid Uldir normal and heroic open. The raid I won’t be trying until Saturday, but Warfronts turned Arathi Highlands into a 120 zone packed with 30 rares all capable of dropping 340 loot. Some also drop pets, toys, and mounts! Next week I’ll have some words on how Uldir was in my first raiding weekend of Battle For Azeroth.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Matt: I’ve been pouring every spare minute I have into Destiny 2: Forsaken. Overall I am happy with the expansion, but there are some things that are bothersome as is typical with expansions for this series. The new weapon system and new supers are great changes, and the story, while painfully short, is well crafted. I will have a much more in-depth analysis of my thoughts later next week.

Destiny 2

Stan: This week I plugged back in my Nintendo 64, blew in my cartridges, and got back to playing WWF No Mercy: where attitude is everything. Not only does it boast the most iconic array of WWF Attitude Era wrestlers, but it also has one of the best gameplay dynamics to any fighting game ever. Sure, the graphics are bad, but the game is great and well worth a revisit!

As if playing as Kane wasn’t enough, I’ve also been getting my demon on in Shadows Awakening. It’s a huge RPG with a huge cast of characters. But, what I’m really looking forward to is Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. I’ve already penned a list of tips to get the most out of the game.

Shadows Awakening

Robert: This week has been a very busy one for me, with moving into a new house and starting a new job. You’d think with this hectic new lifestyle I wouldn’t get time for some good ol’ gaming – well you’d be wrong! I have made time every evening (much to the annoyance of my other half) to play through Resident Evil 0. As a whole it isn’t the best Resident Evil and the puzzles are a bit naff, but its Resident Evil and so I can’t stay away.

Resident Evil 0