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Titan Comics’ The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor #3 Gives Us a Taste of the Next Doctor Who

It’s lucky number 13 for Whovians all across the world as Jodie Whittaker is taking on the role as the Doctor in Doctor Who. The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor from Titan Comics follows the last days of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, and what seems to be his final decision before to his regeneration.

The third issue of The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor opens with a great story about the Doctor saving London once more (for someone who can travel all of space, he sure does spend a lot of time in London). Piccadilly Circus has been invaded by a swarm of Kar-yn, a creature that can alter memories and what seems real, and has put the inhabitants of London in a Matrix style alter-reality.

The enemy is built up really well in The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor, as is the anticipation for how the Doctor will save London once again. UNIT are even involved, with Karen featuring heavily. Bill is written in a very similar style to the Doctor Who series: she’s innocent, scared at times, but also courageous. The ending of this story comes quite quickly, and with little issue, which is surprising as the Doctor always seems to find himself in situations without a quick resolve.

The next story in The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor follows on from the ending of the last series of Doctor Who. The Doctor is in a lift with Missy (who’s still spiteful), and Nardole (who’s still hilarious), as Missy tries to make The Doctor angry by talking bout Bill. At that moment a strange hand appears through a portal in the ship, and it’s heavily hinted that it’s Bill. At the end of the last series of Doctor Who, the Doctor was trying to find a way to save Bill, and it seems that his final days were spent thinking of a way to bring her back.

The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor #3 includes one great story that feels classically like Doctor Who, and one shorter story that hints heavily at the Doctor’s final days before they regenerate. It’s a short and fun read, and a must for all self-respecting Whovians.

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