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Top 10 Tips to Get The Most Out of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider Man Insomniac 1-min

Insomniac Games has created a huge world to explore in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and this is what we recommend you do first.

So you’ve read our five things you need to know before buying Spider-Man and that no doubt only built your eagerness to become Spider-Man? Of course. Who hasn’t dreamed of being Spider-Man? There’s just so many cool things you can do; every edge of New York City is just waiting to be explored.

But with so much to do, it can actually feel overwhelming. Spider-Man has given us the power to become Spidey, and that’s a lot of responsibility. So here’s our guide to get the most out of Spider-Man.

1Climb, climb, climb


Insomniac Games has created a beautiful version of New York to explore. The map is huge, and it’s easy to get lost. So climb to the highest peak to get a better look: check out the awesome scenery and fantastic setting.

Not just for aesthetic purposes though; climbing the highest peaks will help you navigate around New York. Some tall towers act as synchronisation points where new details about the area will be added to your map. Perfect if you want your Spidey senses to fully tuned to all that’s happening around the city.

2Create a comic book

Get meta with Spider-Man and use a comic book character to create a comic book of his own. Spider-Man includes a photo system where you can snap pictures of tourist sights, or even take selfies so that you have pictures of Spider-Man. Shame Peter Parker doesn’t work for the Daily Bugle anymore; Jameson would do anything to get his hands on those pics!

Spider-Man allows you to edit your photos and add comic style text and signs. These can be combined to create a comic featuring the pictures Spidey has taken. So become Stan Lee for a day and make a brand new Spider-Man comic.

3Stop street crime

Spider Man Insomniac 2-min

Be sure to take some time off from the main quest. Challenges for Spidey can appear at any moment, usually involving small time criminals. Swinging after a stolen car is a great way to test out your new upgrades to Spider-Man’s speed. And the useless thugs found around the city are perfect for testing Spidey’s varied attack options.

4Ignore your responsibilities and just swing

Perhaps not the most ethical advice ever, but some of the best advice you’ll get for Spider-Man. It feels incredible to swing through New York. So good, in fact, that you may just want to pretend that you didn’t hear those innocent citizens calling out for help… Everyone deserves a day off, right?

5Search high and low for each collectable

New York is full of collectables just waiting to be found. Some are hiding in plain sight, but some will take a lot of exploring. Be sure to search every nook and cranny as those collectables can add a lot of cool features to Spidey. Even if they didn’t, Spider-Man feels amazing to control, so it’s worth going off the beaten track to get more out of being him.

6Use the subway

Okay okay, swinging through the city is amazing. But is it really better than a crowded and stuffy subway? Perhaps. But seeing Spidey sitting on the subway as other commuters stare is comedic gold. Watch out for those passengers who see your shoulder as a pillow though. Not just in Spider-Man in fact, that’s a top piece of life advice there folks.

7Switch up Spidey’s style

Spider-Man’s outfit is iconic, and Insomniac Games has really done it justice. But it’s not the only outfit available. Each costume will provide new perks and upgrades for Spider-Man, and are well worth trying on. They can really change the gameplay style and vary Spider-Man’s characteristics. They’re not all easy to find though and unlock though…

8Be Peter Parker

Peter Parker plays a bigger role in Spider-Man than any previous web slinging game. He’s incredibly well written and voiced, and he’s very endearing. Spider-Man isn’t just about getting to be a hero; it’s also about being Peter Parker. Don’t just ignore these parts of the story: they have so much to offer.

9Complete the 15 hours of side quests

Spider-Man offers a huge amount of side quests. These are great fun and allow Spider-Man to show off some different sides to both his character and combat. Don’t just stick to the main missions as you’ll miss out on some great moments, and some characters you may want to see…

10Toy with your enemies

Combat is great in Spider-Man – it’s fast paced and full of options. Of course, you can fly in fists first, but where’s the fun in that? Use your web to toy with the enemies: swing them around and bounce them off the walls. You can even use your web to steal an enemy’s gun, and then beat them over the head with it. That’ll show them.

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