We’re Really Excited After Last Week’s Nintendo Direct Announcements

Last week’s Nintendo Direct spoiled us once again with some pretty big announcements and we are ecstatic.

Here’s are just a few of the biggest things announced that we’re most excited about.

Luigi’s Mansion 3


Luigi’s Mansion is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019! This title, Luigi’s Mansion 3, will mark the third in the series, following the first game, which released on Nintendo Gamecube in 2001, followed by Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which released on 3DS in 2013.

The teaser trailer didn’t show us a great deal about what to expect from the game, but it’s still enough to get us really excited to see how it turns out.

Mega Man 11

The iconic Mega Man is coming to Nintendo Switch very soon, on October 2nd. This time, the Blue Bomber must fight his Robot Masters and take their weapons for himself, changing his appearance with new levels of detail. A Double Gear system allows you to boost Mega Man’s speed and power.

Katamari Damacy Reroll

A remake of the wonderful Katamari Damacy is coming to Nintendo Switch! A digital version of the game will be available for download on November 30 with a physical release coming December 7th. The game will be used gyro controls as well as single joy-con controls for multiplayer!

Animal Crossing

Everyone’s favourite yellow dog from Animal Crossing is joining the fight this year as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And she’s still so darn cute! As the announcement trailer says, she’s “Turning Over a New Leaf” and seems really happy to fight her fellow Nintendo friends.

But that wasn’t the biggest piece of Animal Crossing news from Nintendo Direct. Finally, we got the announcement that Animal Crossing is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019! With a little teaser trailer from Tom Nook himself, players aren’t given any looks at the new Animal Crossing game, but it was still enough to get us hugely excited about it. Let’s just hope Isabelle isn’t too busy fighting in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to help with the town when we arrive…

Missed the Direct? You can watch the whole thing in the video below.