A Bear Steals the Show in Red Dead Redemption 2’s Launch Trailer

As promised, Rockstar has delivered the launch trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, quickly showcasing some of what you’ll be getting up to a week from now (yes, just seven more sleeps!).

And it really is quick – this latest trailer is just over a minute long, limiting its opportunity to blow our minds any more than they’ve already been blown.

So, what we do get is plenty of tense muttering among the Van Der Linde gang, shootouts, explosions, feisty females, a few clips of a Wild West bank heist and quite a few moodily atmospheric landscape shots.


The star of the show is arguably the bear that turns up about 45 seconds in. He (or she, it’s not really made clear and I’m afraid my bear knowledge is somewhat lacking) is only on screen for a couple of seconds but they make a big impression.

The sky is dramatically overcast, with rain beating down on a forest clearing. All of a sudden a great black shape rears up with a guttural roar, while a dramatic flash of lightning reveals its fur, fangs and general fearsomeness.

And in the next shot, it’s charging straight at Arthur. As if the West wasn’t dangerous enough already, now the animals are trying to kill you too.

As you’d expect, it all looks bloody beautiful, with Red Dead Redemption 2 shaping up to be one of the best-looking games on whatever you’re playing it on.

The trailer is available now on the Rockstar website, or you can check it out via YouTube below. And if, for some reason, you’ve not pre-ordered yet, you can do that here.