An Ode to GamesMaster Magazine

If you are a gamer of a certain age, then you know the joy that gaming magazines can bring.

Even in today’s tech-driven society, there’s few things more relaxing than taking some time out to read a good physical gaming magazine. And GamesMaster was more than just a good magazine – it was the gaming magazine of a generation.

First published way back in 1993, GamesMaster magazine was there to compliment the TV show of the same name. But even after the show went off air, the magazine continued to fly off shelves. At the time it was the number one source for gaming information, previews and reviews.


What I always admired about GamesMaster was how it was both insightful and comedic. Its reviews were completely trustworthy, and always comprehensive. But it was always written in a slightly informal manner, managing to become more than just a magazine; it was your trusted friend who was always up to date with the latest gaming news.

GamesMaster was never one to shy away from interaction with the readers. In fact, its letters page was always one of the highlights to the monthly magazine. No matter the topic, GamesMaster was a magazine which encouraged reader interaction, making the reader feel valued and important.

My fondest memory of GamesMaster involves The Ocarina of Time. As a child, my anticipation for this soon-to-be-released epic tale of a young child becoming a hero was sky-high. I wanted everything to do with Zelda, and that included an issue of GamesMaster which included a feature on The Ocarina of Time. After reading that issue I fell in love with the writing style of GamesMaster, and have been influenced in my own career by its unique take on the gaming industry.

GamesMaster may be publishing its final ever issue in December, but its legacy in the gaming world will never be removed. From awesome GamesMaster posters up in peoples’ rooms, to special edition issues which take pride of place in readers’ bookshelves, GamesMaster will always live on.