1The Best Superhero Games

For a long time most superhero video games were, to put it bluntly, a bit shit.

It was an endless procession of reskinned side-scrolling action games, with the odd ineptly executed platformer thrown in. At some point, two things changed. One, the technological power of games consoles reached the point where they could create entire worlds and believably convey how it would feel to be, for example, faster than a speeding bullet. Two, a new generation of filmmakers and executives ploughed millions of dollars into making superhero movies that were, you know, actually good. This made the entire genre cool (and lucrative) in a way it never was before.

Fast forward to now and we’re in the privileged position where there are a whole bunch of games that make us feel superhuman and let us live out those long dormant childhood fantasies. Here then are five of the best superhero games you can play right now.