1Best British Sitcoms on Netflix

There a few things the British do well.

We’re great at queuing, avoiding confrontation, music, and more pertinently, comedy. Over on these shores, being funny is almost a currency in itself, a necessary part of getting through the day, of dealing with the crap weather and those odd days of mind-numbing tedium. Naturally then, we’ve produced some of the finest sitcoms ever written, almost all of which celebrate the outsider – or the insider who feels like an outsider.

For anyone wanting to swot up on our comedic output thus far, Netflix is a great place to start, with the streaming behemoth hosting a treasure trove of comedic gold that should bring a smile to the face of even the most melancholic misanthrope. To guide you through this morass of mirth, here are five of the best British sitcoms on Netflix.