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4Super Mario Sunshine

For Mario’s debut on the Gamecube, Nintendo added to the open world formula by giving him a water powered jetpack/water-pistol thingy. The F.L.U.D.D (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device – best name for a water pistol ever) is every kids’ dream weapon of choice in a water fight. But Super Mario Sunshine didn’t just include a water-shooting Mario, it also included a mesmerising environment by the sea.

The tropical resort of Isle Delfino, which happens to be shaped like a dolphin, introduced two new races, the Piantas and Nokis. These colourful creatures inhabited over 10 different settings in Super Mario Sunshine, with the most memorable being the Delfino Plaza (also used as Peach’s race track in Mario Kart: Double Dash). The colourful setting perfectly related to the style of the game, and brought the ocean to a Mario game like never before.

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