1Hey, Rockstar! Give us more Bully

First released in 2006, Bully may well have received the most controversial pre-release news coverage of any game ever.

Created by Rockstar Games, the developer famed for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Bully – or Canis Canem Edit as it originally was known in Europe – set the criminal antics of Grand Theft Auto in a school setting. “Won’t somebody please think of the children,” cried the mass media.

Turns out Rockstar actually had thought of the children and developed a masterpiece that perfectly embodied everyone’s best (and worst) school memories. Forget guns, road rage, and crime; Bully was Rockstar’s way of showing off it could produce a great game where one of the worst things you could do was wedgie another student.

Bully was a brilliant game. The school setting worked so well: classes added a sense of responsibility and routine to the gameplay, while the Rockstar’s humour was perfectly applied to the teachers and students of Bullworth Academy.

It’s now been over 12 years since Bully was released and the world is more ready than it’s ever been for a sequel. Here are five reasons why we need Bully 2 in our lives.