2School’s out forever?

School is an experience we’ve all been through, and it is a popular setting for countless TV shows and movies. But gaming is nearly always truant when it comes to the classroom setting: it’s an area that’s rarely incorporated in western games.

Bully showed that school really can be the best years of your life with an academy that felt alive and offered so much fun gameplay. The structure of the school day gave a layout to each day which was really enjoyable. Time after lessons felt more meaningful as you knew there was a curfew and a cut-off point. Of course, you could skip lessons, but you’d miss out on all the skills and items you get for completing courses. Plus you’d be much less cleverer.

Bullworth Academy is one of the best sandbox settings in any game. With unique scenarios and NPCs ranging from stupid bullies to stereotypical nerds, Bully created a highly enjoyable setting to explore. Sadly this formula has not been replicated since Bully’s release, and would make a more than welcome return in Bully 2.