Five Things We Want From a New Witcher Game

3Portals to new worlds

If Ciri is the protagonist of the new Witcher game then it literally opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Ciri can open portals between worlds, time periods, and dimensions: imagine the player having that power in the new Witcher game.

Each Witcher game in the franchise boasts a range of creative settings: from bustling towns to dense forestry. Portals, no matter how much Geralt hates them, provide the chance for an even more diverse open world. Both the novels and games have shown how diverse each new dimension can be, and this could be a game changer in the new Witcher game.

Even if Ciri isn’t the main character, the franchise has shown that characters without the power of Ciri can use portals that are already there. Portals could allow the possibility to make the new open world for the next Witcher game bigger than ever and allow for new types of enemies and settings. Imagine being able to travel to a more modern world to craft new weapons, and then using these in the original dimension. Portals could help CD Projekt Red improve on what was already the perfect formula for The Witcher 3.