Five Things We Want From a New Witcher Game

4Improved combat and battles on a bigger scale

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Perhaps one of the only negative aspects to the Witcher franchise: combat is not always fluid. It does start to feel more smooth as Geralt’s level increases, but it can be improved upon for the next Witcher game.

The combat felt electric during the cutscenes; the player can never hope to achieve that style in actual gameplay. Playing as a highly trained witcher should allow the player to be able to imitate this style. Even when fighting other human characters, reversing and dodging never feels as clean as it should be.

Games such as Shadow of War and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey have also brilliantly depicted how exciting battles involving countless NPCs can be. The Witcher franchise perfectly lends itself to wide spread battles, and these could be a great inclusion to the next Witcher game. Let’s actually see these wars take place and be involved in them.